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Wilson MTA Dyslexia

Welcome to Wilson.


Hi, I am both the mother and teacher of Dyslexic students. My three boys all had various degrees of dyslexia and yet all have graduated and gone on to successful lives and careers.  

   I have taught in three school districts and I have taught many things from GT to SPED and I firmly believe all students can learn and progress. I have spent about 9 or 10 years teaching Dyslexic students with two different programs.  I know this M.T.A. (Multi-sensory Teaching Approach) program works and have seen great growth in students in this program.

    I have taught 20+ years and I LOVE reading and learning.  I am so excited to start a new school year.

     Becky Cleveland



My students are amazing and they will be learning all 44 sounds of the English Alphabet , and the concepts and rules that apply to reading and spelling for those 44 sounds and spellings.  
Students need to be reminded to code words that they are having difficulty or apply other reading strategies for unknown words.  Read, Read, Read is very important for students.